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Citizen Dialogue

Since the beginning, dialogue has been a key component of the Ile de Nantes urban redevelopment project. Many different forms of participatory processes have been utilised during the development of the project, (consultation meetings, design workshops, citizen workshops, experimental processes) at different scales (street, block, neighbourhood and global urban strategy). Samoa also supports participatory processes when it comes to the real estate projects, in particular on land use issues.

Citizen workshops to help develop the project

Above and beyond regulatory consultation processes, citizen workshops helped develop the urban project during the strategic definition phases. When developing the Transformation Plan (2010-2012), on the basis of a mandate given by the elected officials, a panel of citizens was formed to issue an opinion on the future of the urban project. In 2016, a similar process accompanied the consultation to select the new urban design team.

Involvement in the design of public spaces

In addition to the small scale consultations on the design of public spaces (square, gardens), Samoa experimented with different processes for involving the residents and users in the production of public spaces. After the Green Island experience in 2013, an event aimed at transforming the public spaces by temporary micro-developments, and the consultation process conducted on the uses of the riverfront development project between 2014 and 2016 (Base + Bruit du Frigo), Samoa initiated the program “Ile de Nantes - Experimentation” for the period 2017-2023. This is an exploratory and scalable process geared toward developing new modes of production of public space development, spurring the involvement of the users and positioning them as instigators and decision makers. More than a limited framework program, the process develops a methodology for conducting experiments within Samoa, to benefit the urban project.

"A key goal of the citizen dialogue in Nantes is to promote citizen initiatives and contributions and develop experiments as partners. That is why I want the future of the Ile de Nantes to be designed collectively, with everyone: young people, working people, families and pensioners."

Johanna Rolland, Mayor of Nantes and President of Nantes Métropole