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Graphic Arts Centre

The Graphic Arts Centre houses the Ecole des Métiers de l'Imprimerie and the Applied Arts program of the La Joliverie High School.

The Graphic Arts Centre is a learning centre for graphic arts, applied arts and publishing trades. It is located at the corner of boulevard Leon Bureau and boulevard Prairie au Duc, at the heart of the future Creative Arts District. It houses the applied arts section of La Joliverie High School and the Ecole des Métiers de l’Imprimerie.

Since its completion in September 2010, more than 600 high school students and apprentices have crossed paths here every day. Each establishment will have its own space, but they will share a central courtyard and other facilities. Opening onto a vast esplanade on the south, the Graphic Arts Centre will have an exhibit space open to the public on the ground floor.

Technical information

Type : Infrastructure - status : Completed