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Espace Tardieu (Tripode block B)

National Employment Centre IT Offices

The Tardieu Space is an office complex. The IT department of the National Employment Centre moved in to this space in September 2009. Some 250 agents work there, along with 150 outside service providers.

The office complex is composed of three identical buildings oriented north-south. This arrangement saves space but leaves room between the buildings for water gardens to the north and hanging gardens to the south. It also gives the office complex a strong identity, with its long window façade on the south side.

The north and south facades are made of concrete to emphasize the contrast with the windows. The east and west facades feature clear glass curtain walls, installed on the bearing wall shared by the adjacent apartment building.

On the second floor, a large corridor overlooks the lobbies below and the meeting rooms, as well as the aquatic gardens on the patio. The rooftop terrace features plants to recover rainwater, which is then treated in the ponds located in the public space.

Technical information

Type : Economic activities - status : Completed