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Prairie au Duc Ecodistrict

A new district based on sustainable development principles

On the western section of the Island, a new phase is beginning at the centre of the Shipyards Park with the construction of nearly 50,000 sq. m of buildings along Boulevard Prairie au Duc, featuring a mix of housing, schools, higher education, offices and shops.

The 400 apartments to be built starting in 2011 will house 800 new residents (25% social rent apartments and 25% intermediate, 50% apartments for purchase). The first deliveries are scheduled for 2010 with 150 apartments, a school and recreation centre, a day care centre and a film and graphic arts school.

Designed by Atelier de l'île de Nantes, the district will create a dense city respectful of its heritage and the environment, attentive to the social balance and offering all the urban amenities.

This project is the gold standard in Nantes in terms of sustainable development, and was recognized during the call for Ecodistrict projects by the Ministry of the Ecology, Sustainable Development and the Sea initiated in spring 2009.

Technical information

Type : Mixed use - status : Under construction