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Slipways and Shipyards

Rehabilitation of slipways 2 & 3 and creation of a Shipyards City.

Slipway 2 has been renovated and transformed into a facility for cultural projects related to the maritime and river heritage. The top of the slipway has been turned into a public promenade continuing from the Shipyards Park. It offers a unique panoramic view of the neighbourhood, the Loire and the entire city.

Slipway 3 has been made available to local associations working on Nantes’ industrial and maritime history. It now hosts exhibits and provides information about the naval activity and heritage. It was restored to its original condition as a slipway where boats were launched.

The “Shipyards City,” delivered in Spring 2009, provides new commercial and office and storage for the associations. Nearby, the ATAO association houses a worksite-based metalworking and woodworking shop teaching employability skills.

Technical information

Type : Infrastructure - status : Completed