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Villa Néo (ex Laboratoire Boiron)

Apartment building

On the eastern part of the Island, Bouygues Immobilier is developing an energy efficient building with 63 apartments, from 1 to 3 bedrooms. The site is the former Boiron Laboratories, in the centre of the Parc Ligerien developed by Samoa and designed by Atelier de l’île de Nantes.

To the east, the building is bordered by the green spaces of the Parc Ligerien, to the south by a sports field and to the west by Boulevard Millerand.

A path will be built between the building and the Millerand sports field to serve pedestrians and bicyclists.

Accessible from the Boulevard Millerand, the building is served by 4 staircases located along an inner road. The buildings range from 2 to 9 stories.

Delivery is scheduled for early 2013.

Technical information

Type : Housing - status : Completed