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Jardin C

A community garden on the land adjoining La Fabrique.

The Association Mire blends the community gardening concept with experimental artistic practices. As the third “building” of La Fabrique, Jardin C is “a way to gently introduce visitors to experimental art via a known quantity, the garden”. Pierre Signolat, communication and local initiative manager for Jardin C at Association Mire, goes further: “It is fundamentally a place of reflection on the public space. When we arrived here, it was a blank page. There was nothing except a somewhat hostile environment. We wanted to make proposals, and we continue to do so. We want to offer residents and other volunteers a free zone that we can work on over a long period, to try to revitalize and embrace it thanks to new ideas.” Jardin C has become part of the urban landscape as a place where new ideas on emerging sociability can be introduced and developed.

Plants to clean up polluted soils

Initiated in partnership with the Laboratory of Planetology and Geodynamics of the University of Nantes, the plant-based soil remediation project was launched in the spring of 2013. After mapping the pollutants on the site, the Jardin C ‘gardeners’ planted several types of plants - Ray-Grass, buckwheat, red and brown mustard, flax, white lupine - that can capture heavy metals in their roots, stems or leaves. This promising exploratory technique is a sustainable alternative to landfilling soils that are supposedly too polluted to support growth!

Watch a video about Jardin C with Cityscape and the agenda of the garden!

Technical information

Type : Public Spaces - status : Completed