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Chronobus C5

In August 2013, the Chronobus C5 began running east-west along a six-kilometre route on the Ile de Nantes.

The C5 line played a major role in the Ile de Nantes urban redevelopment project by transforming the public space. The goal was to create a major east/west public transit artery. The improvements were carried out by Samoa and designed by uapS/SCE, in their first major project on the Ile de Nantes.

Line C5 adds to the 6 other existing lines city-wide, enhancing the public transportation offering as an alternative to driving. It connects the train station to Quai des Antilles to the west, in just 20 minutes. It runs in a dedicated bus lane along 75% of its route. It connects the island to the rest of the city as well as serving the local neighbourhoods. In addition to the train station, it serves other large facilities including the Regional Council, the music conservatory, the high school, the Beaulieu shopping centre, the Creative District, the Chantiers Park and more...

Chronobus key figures

  • A bus every 5 to 8 minutes during peak hours, every 10 to 12 minutes in off-peak hours
  • Expanded hours: from 5.30 to midnight year-round, until 1.00 AM on weekends // the C5 runs between Commerce and the Banana Hangar until 3.00 AM on Saturdays
  • 10 lines when completed (7 by September 2013)
  • 100 km of route when completed
  • 100,000 passengers per day (the equivalent of a tramway line)
  • 65 million euros of investment for the first 7 lines
  • 10.4 million euros allocated by the State for the innovative and exemplary nature of the project (Investments for the Future)
  • 2 million euros from the Country Council and 1.35 million euros from the Regional Council

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Technical information

Type : Mixed use - status : Completed