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Garden of the five senses

Restructuring of the former Garden of the Five Senses, near the Nelson Mandela high school.

The Garden of the Five Senses is a public space located on the eastern tip of the island, near the new high school. The project to restructure the former garden was designed in collaboration with the local residents and the Association des Paralysés de France to improve accessibility for persons with disabilities. The garden is divided into different themes and offers various atmospheres: interpretative area, play area, relaxation area, gardens and nature area. 

The Garden of the Five Senses, totalling 6,000 sq. m, is designed as a welcoming space for everyone. The five senses were the focus for the design, the choice of equipment and the plantations. The musical fountain and water play stimulate the sense of hearing, and the fragrant trees and bushes stimulate the sense of smell, especially in the area where the scents are amplified by exposure to heat from the stone. On the sundial with thermal hour lines, you can tell time using your fingers and the sense of touch. The structures and the ground are designed with different materials that stimulate the sense of touch or that can be followed via a raised guideline sensitive to the cold. Finally, the sense of taste is stimulated thanks to a number of berry bushes.

Technical information

Type : Public Spaces - status : Completed