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This mixed-use building features 67 apartments from 1 to 3 bedrooms and 1,000 sq. m of office and retail space on the ground-floor.

This development provides amenities and spectacular views focusing on the comfort of the future occupants. Imagine the comfort of a single family home, outdoor spaces that can be used both in summer and winter, a breath-taking view of Nantes and the Loire. Your home is not several kilometres from the urban centre but just a few metres above it, close to businesses and amenities (schools, shops, tram and Busway, theatres, cinemas, etc.).

Located near Place Mangin and just steps from the tram on Boulevard des Martyrs Nantais, this mixed-use development features 67 apartments from 1 to 3 bedrooms. All the apartments have outdoor spaces in the form of balconies or sunrooms for the 1-bedroom and split-level apartments.

From an energy perspective, this development meets the requirements of the Thermal Regulation 2012 and is connected to the district heating network (with individual meters and programmable thermostats).

The building is designed in four sections. The first 2 levels are for shops and offices. This first section is topped by a car park (at the same level as the railway tracks), which “creates an intermediate open space giving the building a more airy feel,” says architect Raphaëlle Hondelatte. The two upper sections are for the apartments. Levels 4 to 8 feature apartments with staggered balconies and levels 9 to 14 feature 1-bedroom and 3-bedroom split-level apartments, with sunrooms that increase the living space by 15 sq. m.

Technical information

Type : Mixed use - status : Completed