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Yléo (Tripode Block A)

An exceptional development

Work began in mid 2010 on Block A of the Tripode, consisting of nearly 46,000 sq. m divided between offices, apartments and businesses. This mixed-use project is located on a large “open block” lot featuring passages and views. The buildings are arranged to enhance the open spaces leading to the canal and the gardens, via low, well-spaced constructions. The views are spectacular from both inside and outside the building.

The development consists of:

  • 20,500 sq. m of office space, which will be occupied by Government agencies and Veolia
  • 11,300 sq. m of housing (141 apartments, including 27 social rent apartments)
  • 8,800 sq. m of managed residences (student residences and residential hotels)
  • 2,000 sq. m of shops

The central government grouped three of its agencies on the Tripode site to participate in the city’s urban development efforts. Samoa acted as an interface between the central government and the city in this operation, and as a result, some 600 agents will be working in this new district once the offices open.

The entire development will be exemplary in terms of energy efficiency and sustainable development.

Technical information

Type : Mixed use - status : Completed