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Beaulieu Shopping Centre

Renovation and expansion of the Beaulieu Shopping Centre.

Formerly closed in on itself, the Beaulieu shopping centre now opens onto the Boulevard du Général de Gaulle. It was fully renovated and expanded, becoming a true downtown facility.

Built in 1975 as a shopping centre in a peripheral area, the Beaulieu Shopping Centre gradually “moved closer” to the city centre as the area around it was developed and Nantes proper expanded.

In 2001, the expansion project proposed by owner and manager SEGECE was included in the global Ile de Nantes project. Alexander Chemetoff worked on making it part of the city centre, and Patrick Bouchain (Construire Agency) provided a unique architectural design. The existing shopping centre was renovated and expanded, and the surrounding area was renovated. A dedicated lane was built for the BusWay on Boulevard du Général de Gaulle and the Loire riverside area was redeveloped.

Patrick Bouchain proposed a daring architectural design that blends in with the environment. The facades feature coloured rectangles, in front of which stand large metal leaves rising 14 to 16 metres high that cover all the facades, including the new parking structure.

A large entrance was built on the corner of Boulevard Général de Gaulle and rue Gaëtan Rondeau, directly across from the Beaulieu BusWay station. The lighting system features 100 skylights in the roof, combining artificial and natural lighting.

Around the shopping centre, the public spaces designed by Atelier de l'île de Nantes helped redevelop the riverside.

A new street was built between the Boulevard de Gaulle and the shopping centre, providing direct access for delivery trucks, which no longer have to drive along the residential streets to reach the shopping centre. Along the Boulevard, in addition to a bike lane on the roadway, a biking and walking path was built.
Near the shopping centre, rue Sébilleau and rue Zamenhof were made narrower to widen the sidewalks and provide pedestrian access to the Loire. The road was reduced from 4 lanes to 2, and vegetation was planted to provide greenery.

Innovative energy policies were put into practice in building the extension of the shopping centre. Under a partnership between Nantes Métropole and SEGECE, an 1800 sq. m solar power plant was installed on the roof of the new parking structure. The solar panels produce enough energy to supply 80 homes every day. The solar power plant project, supported by Nantes Métropole, is part of the European program Concerto.

The new roof is covered with pre-planted roofing tiles. In addition to their visual appeal, they act as insulation and also absorb rainwater.


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