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Between the future School of Fine Arts and the Trade Union Centre, on the site of the former headquarters of Axima, an ambitious development will be home to 800 residents by 2018. Consisting of four blocks, this development presented to the residents of the Ile de Nantes at a public meeting on 8 September, will connect the historical residential district and the new neighbourhood on the west of the island.

Block A will have 49 apartments, and on the ground floor a student residence which will boast shared spaces and a number of services for residents. The metal frame designed by Brigitte Métra echoes the industrial history of the site. Also located between Rue de La Tour d'Auvergne and Rue Pierre Landais, Block B, designed by the firm Barré-Lambot, is a 10-storey building connected by bridges to the two 5-storey buildings of Blocks C and D. Among the 66 open market apartments in this Block, a few town homes will border Rue des Ferblantiers.

Enhanced public spaces

Between Blocks A and B, two new streets will be built, strengthening the connections between Rue de La Tour d'Auvergne and Rue Pierre-Landais. To the south of Rue Pierre-Landais, Blocks C and D wrap around the existing buildings at 46 and 48 Boulevard de la Prairie-au-Duc, and two alleys will also be built to serve the area. Built around a landscaped garden, Block C was designed by the architectural firm Bourbouze & Graindorge in such a way as to increase the number of separate entrances (124 apartments around 8 stairways). Block D, by Fres architects (201 apartments) plays with cut-out volumes and outdoor spaces arranged in a star connected to public spaces. Construction begins in 2016, with delivery of the four blocks starting in late 2018.



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Type : Mixed use - status : Completed