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Faubourg riverfront

The improvement of the Loire riverfront is one of the major components of the urban redevelopment project of the Ile de Nantes. Since 2015, 7 km out of the 12 km of riverfront surrounding the island have been redeveloped. The riverfront in the Faubourg residential district on the north shore offers continuity for pedestrians and bicyclists, providing easy access to the Loire. This project was also co-produced with the local residents.

The general principles of the project

The winning project, submitted by the agency BASE, emphasises new uses on the site while ensuring continuity with the existing features. The goal is to create two different atmospheres on either side of the Audibert bridge. The first section, along Quai Rhuys and Quai Hoche, focuses on the context by showcasing the existing features (cobblestones, plane trees, etc.). The eastern section, after the Audibert bridge, has a newer design, conducive to new uses. The project enhances the natural character of the riverfront.

Many uses

BASE’s project offers a matrix that can adapt to the needs and desires expressed during the selection process. In short, from west to east, the project develops 8 areas with associated uses (preliminary proposal):

  • Grand Glacis: a "storytelling” space for relaxation
  • Anse des Angéliques: educational space about estuaries, potential for events on the high platform.
  • Balcon de Biesse: Intergenerational games (petanque on the upper section and via ferrata on the lower section)
  • Pont Rotule: panoramic vista
  • Quai Acclimaté: various amenities possible, picnic area, skate park, stage, square, concrete fixtures for parkour, etc...
  • Jardin des Voyageuses: cafe, immersive garden, gazebo
  • La Rampe: space for free expression (graffiti, ground painting, chalk art), DIY space, restrooms, community gardens, vegetable or experimental gardens
  • Le Chemin Nature: immersive promenade, connecting to other amenities

Environmental protection with a focus on plants

Particular attention is paid to environmental issues and nature. The riverfront is home to many plants and wildlife that must be protected. The famous Estuary Angelica that proliferates on the Ile de Nantes is emblematic of the biodiversity here.

Accessibility for everyone

All of the spaces must be easily accessible to everyone, with paths for pedestrians, bicycles and all types of sustainable mobility options. In fact, the developments will improve accessibility for persons with reduced mobility, providing gently sloping ramps, clearly delimited paths with tactile paving along the edges, benches with space for wheelchairs, etc...

A project co-produced with the future users

Samoa wanted to continue the strong community involvement that began in 2013 with the Green Island projects. This meant getting the local actors involved and designing the developments with the future users. In 2014, a group composed of residents, associations and merchants was invited to participate in developing the riverfront improvement project. The objective was to allow citizens to provide their input as to how the site should be improved and what uses they wanted to see.

Community meetings

Community meetings were held in May, June and September 2014. Nearly 90 people attended. The objective was to ask the citizens for their opinions about what they expected in terms of uses and amenities, circulation, events, the urban atmosphere, ecology, community activities, etc. The citizens wanted to create unusual spaces where different uses mingle: areas for leisure, walks, picnics and play areas. They expressed a desire for people-friendly spaces promoting intergenerational socializing and community events.

The Workshops

Co-design workshops led by "Bruit du Frigo" were held on two days in September 2014 to get the citizens concretely involved in developing a part of the project. They imagined the design of a specific new element on the riverfront.
25 people participated in the workshops. After the meeting on 16 September and the workshops on 23 and 24 September 2016, all the ideas were written up in a report. Based on the ideas, Bruit du Frigo developed “La Pêcherie”.

North riverfront improvement project presented by BASE landscapers.

> Overview of the improvement project and schedule, presented by SAMOA.

> Download the project report for the period Sept.-Dec. 2016

Technical information

Type : Public Spaces - status : Under construction