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Machines Car Park

Parking spaces essential to the urban renewal project.

Completed in autumn 2009, the car park offers 990 parking spaces, including 620 public spaces managed by Effia for Nantes Metropole and 370 private spaces held by Brémond, the developer of the parking lot and the Insula office building. There will also be 70 spots for bicycles and 30 for motorcycles. This car park will be used by employees and visitors to the site.

The parking structure is composed of 2 buildings with seven levels. It features a metal structure, in keeping with the site’s industrial spirit. Outdoor walkways for pedestrians act as balconies overlooking the city. The seven levels enjoy natural ventilation and lighting, with a design that makes the 23 m high building a spectacular addition to the urban cityscape.

Technical information

Type : Infrastructure - status : Completed