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Boulevard Blancho

Redevelopment of boulevard Blancho and the Loire riverside.

The riverside was developed by limiting parking and making the street narrower, creating a promenade along the Loire.
Initiated at the same time as the renovation of the Beaulieu Shopping Centre and the work on the Boulevard du Général de Gaulle, the developments around the Beaulieu Shopping Centre and the Loire riverside helped calm traffic, improve the quality of life and create walking paths along the Loire.
Along the riverside, the width of the boulevard was reduced by 6 metres to create pedestrian paths. There is a bike path on the street that continues along the riverside. An upper path was built along the boulevard. The lower path along the Loire is disabled accessible. Bastions were built around existing trees, offering vistas overlooking the river. The streets now serve the local area only.
On rue Sebilleau and rue Zamenhof, the roadway has been reduced, from 4-lane to 2-lane, to leave room for broad pedestrian and bike paths.
Finally, access to the Beaulieu Shopping Centre was modified, with a new direct access from the Boulevard du Général de Gaulle. A new street was also built to reduce the impact of delivery trucks for local residents.

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Type : Public Spaces - status : Completed