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The 6,800 sq. m development includes 100 apartments, including 15 as part of a co-design process. The ground floor boasts 170 sq. m of business and retail space.

Project details: 

> 2,478 sq. m of affordable rental housing
>4,178 sq. m of housing available for purchase, broken down as follows:
                 • 2,506 sq. m of housing for affordable home ownership,
                 • 1,671 sq. m of housing for social home ownership for Les Ruches non-profit association
> 169 sq. m of business and retail space.

This 100% affordable development (100 apartments including 40 affordable rent units / 60 units for affordable and social home ownership) features 15 co-design projects headed by Les Ruches Collective since the beginning in 2011. It will include a shared central garden (developed by Atelier Roberta), a DIY workshop on the ground floor, as well as two 28 sq. m shared units and a shared patio on the 5th floor. Les Ruches Collective, working with the architects of Tectône and Tact, designed quite atypical apartments with up to 5 bedrooms, with average size 15 to 20% larger than standard units.

> Les Ruches worked closely with the architects to co-design the common spaces and the units in the program.
- Material architecture, with loggias overlooking the park. White/grey concrete brick.
- Central garden (Atelier Roberta) designed in keeping with the central garden of the G1 development (same landscaper)

Do you want to learn more about co-designed housing?

Read the article in the magazine Transformation(s) issue 14 - November 2016

Technical information

Type : Housing - status : Under construction