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Alstom Warehouses / ESBANM

Located in the heart of the Creative Arts District, the former Alstom warehouses are being renovated after 10 years of transition during which they were home to fifty businesses, some of which have now moved to the Karting.

More than 26,000 sq. m divided into 3 buildings:
- Warehouses 4 and 5 will be home to the Nantes Métropole School of Fine Arts (ESBANM).
- Warehouse 6 will be occupied by the University of Nantes and an array of office space.
- Warehouses 1 and 2 bring together the business team of the Creative Arts District, a technical centre (machine workshops, assembly shops), artists' studios and experimental studios such as FabLab (fabrication laboratory), an outreach / exhibition space that will showcase the various productions present on site and off, as well as a restaurant, a local farmers' market and a cooking workshop.

Accessible via the Front Populaire mall, rue La Tour d'Auvergne and rue Leo Durocher, the buildings will be connected via two new pedestrian streets (demolition of two warehouses), two covered walkways and an "Arts Plaza".

Public spaces: Samoa

ESBANM: Nantes Métropole

University: Nantes Métropole

Office space (warehouse 6) and restaurant: Private Investors

Warehouses 1 and 2 (except restaurant): SAMOA, Region, City of Nantes, Nantes Métropole.

Technical information

Type : Mixed use - status : Under construction