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School of fine arts (warehouses 4&5)

The School of Fine Arts, located in Warehouses 4&5, was designed by the Agency Franklin Azzi Architecture, which is also general contractor of the Alstom Warehouse renovation project.

For the huge metal frame of Warehouses 4 and 5, Franklin Azzi chose a transparent envelope of polycarbonate, installed 4 metres from the ground. Under this transparent envelope which leaves the industrial heritage visible, there are interior “boxes” featuring wood with aluminium framing.

In 4,300 sq. m of workshops which make up the backbone of the school, research and experimentation in all areas of visual arts will flourish. After completion, 2,500 students and teachers will occupy the spaces dedicated to higher education, public classes and arts education.

Open to all, the 900 sq. m public area will include an art documentation centre, a gallery, an amphitheatre and space for events, meetings and exhibitions.

Download the press pack "Les Halles. Pôle d'attraction, lieu d'interactions.", October 2016 (3.1 Mb)

Technical information

Type : Infrastructure - status : Completed