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University Centre (Warehouse 6 West)

To the west of Warehouse 6, the interdisciplinary university centre dedicated to digital cultures will open its doors in September 2018. This experimental site for the “University of Tomorrow” was designed by the Berlin-based firm LIN Architects and the Nantes firm Fouquet Architecture Urbanisme.

The project of LIN Architects conserves the architectural composition of the warehouse. A glass-fronted entrance opens onto the covered hallway, marking the division of the former Warehouse 6 into two independent sections, while the three other facades retain their former style, featuring a variety of windows cut into a huge white monolith.

Inside, the large central hallway and the two lateral wings lined with passageways are preserved. Floating in the hallway, a smooth black block housing the immersive room creates a contrast with the transparent surfaces.

In September 2018, this iconic building of the Nantes digital ecosystem will welcome 200 students, 30 researchers specialised in digital science and a few young entrepreneurs.
This hybrid space will offer them a workplace conducive to blending science, art and business.
Many tools - FabLab, UserLab, immersive high-definition video conferencing room - will be available to them in the 1,020 sq. m of shared spaces.

Download the press pack "Les Halles. Pôle d'attraction, lieu d'interactions.", October 2016 (3,1 Mo)

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Type : Infrastructure - status : Under construction