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The Atrium (LNH / CIL headquarters)

Headquarters of LNH and  CIL Atlantique

The building, open since September 2008, is located on the Foundries lot. Two local housing firms, the CIL Atlantique and LNH, have partnered to build their headquarters on this site.

The building was built up to the authorized height to free up space on the northern portion of the lot for a spacious plaza facing the Foundries public garden. The offices on the ground floor open onto the outside. On the upper floors, the building is hollow to create space for a central indoor garden that helps regulate the heat and humidity in the building.

The building was built using high environmental quality criteria. The development receives funding from the European Commission for its energy efficiency and use of renewable energy, under the act2 Project of the Concerto Initiative.

Technical information

Type : Economic activities - status : Completed