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This mixed-use project totalling 9,000 sq. m will feature student housing, conventional apartments and amenities for the residents.

Located near the 5Ponts project, the Ô-slow building totalling 9,000 sq. m. is a mixed-use development providing housing and business space. A student residence with 120 beds offers a variety of options (individual units, studios for couples, apartment shares).

The development also features 1- to 4-bedroom apartments, one-third of which will be delivered “unfinished”, so the buyers can add final touches in a personalised and cost-effective manner. This concept is developed in partnership with the Castors de l'Ouest, an association that promotes cooperation between the owner-occupants and local tradespeople. A bridge club and a day-care centre will occupy the ground floor of the building. 

The Nantes-based architecture firm Barré-Lambotin partnered with landscape architect Guillaume Sevin to design the surrounding public spaces, featuring pedestrian paths connecting it to the neighbouring 5Ponts development.

Technical information

Type : Mixed use - status : Under construction