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Place des Erables

Located between the #Unik development and the School of Architecture, Place des Érables is being reconfigured. Until now it was simply an empty space between two lanes of traffic. It will be extended to the front of the school and connected to nearby public spaces.

Following the work on Rue de l’Ile Mabon in the spring, the redevelopment of the Place des Érables continues. The project of the Lalu landscaping firm will reinforce the visual and pedestrian continuities in the neighbourhood. The Place, connected to Quai François-Mitterrand, will feature greenery and seating on several levels. The two-way street running along the #UNIK building will be equipped with a raised traffic-calming device. 

To the south of the building, a pedestrian path (continuity of the Front-Populaire Mall), will connect the Rue de l’Ile Mabon to the new Place. The path will be 3 meters wide, with greenery on either side designed with the help of the association Compost'île, which manages the composters on Place des Érables. The space will also feature garden beds and a water tap designed with the help of the Compost'île residents’ association.

Also included in the project is the reconfiguration of Rue de La Noüe-Bras-de-Fer, between the Place and rue de l'Ile Mabon, which began on 6 June.

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Type : Public Spaces - status : Completed