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The Foundries (public garden)

Public space development

At the heart of the Ile de Nantes, a neighbourhood is being redefined in the area known as Les Fonderies, or the Foundries in English. This new community is composed of offices, housing and public spaces.

The area previously comprised the brownfield site of the former foundry, office buildings and apartment buildings, based on an urban planning model left over from the 1960s. It had few transportation options at the centre, and it was bordered by major boulevards that cut it off from adjacent communities.

In the context of the Ile de Nantes project, the entire area was reconfigured, with an emphasis on public space redevelopment, to provide new social and functional diversity.

The main goal of the public space redevelopment efforts was to open up the neighbourhood, by creating new streets and extending existing ones to create easier access.

The public spaces radiate out from the Foundries Garden, the cornerstone of the redevelopment. The 3,200 sq. m garden is located in the rehabilitated site of the former foundry, and benefits not only the new constructions going up around the Foundries, but also the entire neighbourhood. This extraordinary garden showcases the botanical and horticultural heritage of Nantes and reveals traces of the former industrial activity of the site, with rehabilitated furnaces and pits. It also links the pedestrian esplanade west of the warehouses with the Rue des Boires, another esplanade to the east.

Discover the urban expedition in the Foundries neighbourhood (5/17/07), a video and web interface created in partnership with the CNAM, the City of Nantes and Samoa (in French).

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Type : Public Spaces - status : Completed