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A mixed use development offering housing and commercial space

The Antinéa project offers 124 apartments, 4 townhouses and shops on the ground floor, including a small market. It is located between Boulevard de la Prairie au Duc and Boulevard de l’Estuaire, which is a key East West route in the Ile de Nantes project, soon to be served by a Chronobus.
28 apartments are financed with special loans for social rent buildings, and owned by Foncière Logement. The other 100 apartments are available for sale.
Around the project, the Nantes company SCE has developed new public spaces to serve the new developments. A small square with green spaces has been built at the corner of rue Barbe Torte and Boulevard de l’Estuaire.
To the south, the Boulevard de l’Estuaire has been temporarily developed while awaiting the work on the Chronobus lane. To the south, the former railway line will be converted when the future hospital is built.

Energy performance of the building:

  • Solar-heated hot water. With the financial support of Ademe (Environmental and Energy Agency).
  • Rainwater management (garden irrigation)
  • Trellises on balconies and patios for plants (for visual appeal and insulation).
  • The energy performance is C Ref – 15 (RT 2000), which saves on heating bills.
  • Labels and certifications: Promotelec Label and HQE (High Environmental Quality).

Technical information

Type : Mixed use - status : Completed