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Mixed-use development, sports school and second chance school

This development features 80 student apartments, 22 family apartments, 8 townhouses, a sports school, and since September 2010, a second chance school, which is an innovative school for young people who have left the education system with no qualifications and cannot find employment.

On the roof of the one-storey connecting building, the hanging garden forms a welcoming interior courtyard. The 8-storey student housing building is located in the back. The southern façade features deep balconies. The eight townhouses located in the front present a unique and imaginative design. Each house has a winter garden, adding one-third more space to the living area. The wooden walkway leading to the townhouses lends a poetic touch that adds to the pleasure of living here.

Like the nearby Arboréa project, Playtime is a mixed-use development.

Technical information

Type : Mixed use - status : Completed