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Habiter les Quais I

One of the first apartment developments in the Ile de Nantes project 

This development features 68 apartments, including 18 social housing units and 4 townhouses, as well as commercial space and a restaurant on the ground floor.

Located on the Loire riverside, it is one of the first developments of the Ile de Nantes project that aimed to create an attractive residential offering. The spacious apartments overlook the Loire and the city centre. The four buildings are built around a shared commercial space featuring a restaurant, shops and office space.

Three tall buildings are arranged in staggered rows to leave clear views and ensure maximum sunlight reaches the facades. The corners of the buildings are made entirely of glass and the living areas open onto large terraces offering splendid views of the Loire. The fourth building was sold to Nantes Habitat and financed as social rent apartments. This building also has shops on the ground floor and features a hanging garden. The development offers spacious residences overlooking the Loire.

The building is equipped with solar panels for heating domestic hot water, and rainwater is recovered and used to water the shared garden.

Technical information

Type : Mixed use - status : Completed