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Mutuelles Harmonie Atlantique

Rehabilitation of an office building.

The building “Anne de Bretagne,” located on Quai François Mitterrand and on the edge of the Shipyards Park, is representative of 1970s architecture.

The facades were redesigned with a contemporary look, and the entire building was rehabilitated and repurposed to meet the needs of the Mutuelles Harmonie Atlantique. The project was designed by Patrick Rubin of the Canal agency.

The ground floor, opening onto the riverside, will house the offices serving the public.

The renovated facades on the north and west feature an installation by artist François Motellet called “De temps en temps,” which reflects weather changes using different coloured lights. The installation is a giant barometer, its figures calling to mind white clouds, a red sun or a blue rain, and causing the building to metamorphose with the weather. This art installation is one of the permanent works of the Estuary Arts Event.

The parking lot to the south is being renovated by the firm Brochet - Lajus – Pueyo for the use of staff and visitors.

Technical information

Type : Economic activities - status : Completed