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Manny (Coupechoux)

A space dedicated to architecture and design

Ideally located behind the Courthouse, at the heart of the Creative Arts District, the Manny building, initiated by the Coupechoux Design Group (consultants for global design and corporate architecture), in partnership with Nantes developer Axel Colin, is a unique setting for architecture and creative arts firms.

Draped in protective metal netting, Manny is designed to be a special locale for creative arts and a powerful symbol of the future Creative Arts District. According to the designers at Tetrarc, it illustrates two essential elements of today’s society: creativity and environmental responsibility.

With Manny, the Coupechoux Group inaugurated a marvellous showroom dedicated entirely to design. As a showcase for contemporary furniture creation, the space features expertise in design and creation.

Since opening in December 2009, the Manny building has housed two permanent art installations from the Estuary art show: "The zebra crossing" by Angela Bulloch and "Air", a sound installation by Rolf Julius.

Technical information

Type : Economic activities - status : Completed