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Quai François Mitterrand

Public Space Redevelopment

This area that was previously an industrial zone is now a truly central neighbourhood thanks to the repurposed public space. Today the sidewalks feature café terraces and residents enjoy lovely views of the Loire from the riverside.

The restored boardwalks, delivered in late 2004, offer a view overlooking the Loire and continuous pedestrian access to the Shipyards.

All the streets in this district were also redeveloped. These public spaces were repurposed from west to east to accommodate real estate developments, including the Architecture School and Habiter les Quais.

This neighbourhood is the cornerstone of the Ile de Nantes project, providing the first repurposed spaces and new real estate developments. In 2000, the Courthouse was built in the first phase of the redevelopment project, and in 2009 this phase was completed with the inauguration of the Architecture School, the Quai redevelopment and the renovation of the headquarters of the Mutuelles Harmonie Atlantique.

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Type : Public Spaces - status : Completed