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Courthouse built on the Ile de Nantes

The location of the Courthouse on the Ile de Nantes, just steps from the historic city centre and the Schoelcher pedestrian bridge, dates back to 2001, prior to the urban renewal project. However, it was a key element in the initiation of the project. The Courthouse project also entailed repurposing the Quai François Mitterrand and the Loire riverside, which had previously been used as an unregulated parking lot.

The contemporary architecture of the Courthouse designed by Jean Nouvel, with its imposing volumes, implacable geometry and play of light and shadow, reflects the power and force of the justice system.

The façade opposite the Loire, on rue La Tour d’Auvergne, opens onto a garden of ash trees that contrasts with the building’s 1500 tonnes of steel. The strong presence of metal is a reference to the Ile de Nantes’ rich industrial past.

Technical information

Type : Infrastructure - status : Completed