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Eric Tabarly Bridge

Creation of a new bridge on the Bras de la Madeleine (north shore)

The Bras de la Madeleine bridge connects the Boulevard de Sarrebrück in Malakoff to the Boulevard de la Loire on the Ile de Nantes. This new bridge links the main east-west road of the Ile de Nantes with the city centre and the SNCF train station.

The project selected (Setec TPI / Atelier Barani) is a cable-stayed bridge (a single 55-m high pylon) that is 220 m long and 27 m wide, accessible to pedestrians, bicycles, vehicles and public transportation in a dedicated lane.

The bridge reflects the contrast between the horizontal plane of the river and the vertical nature of the nearby apartment towers: a very thin apron spans the river in an uninterrupted line and the vertical central pylon rises to the exact height of the towers.

The extremely flat apron creates a totally level street, suspended in the air by the cable stays. This provides excellent views over the Loire in a design that echoes the airy scenery and the constant dialogue between city and nature.

Technical information

Type : Infrastructure - status : Completed