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Quai Dumont d'Urville

Reevelopment of Quai Dumont d'Urville, Boulevard Blancho and Rue Cherche Midi

Scheduled for delivery in summer 2010, the new bridge on the Bras de Pirmil will land on the Quai Dumont d’Urville on the Ile de Nantes. The Quai is configured to accommodate the new flow of traffic and to orient traffic towards the Boulevard Alexandre Millerand.

It is important to limit direct traffic between the bridge and the Rue du Cherche Midi to ensure that the street continues to serve just the local neighbourhood and doesn’t become a commuter route.

To the west, work on Boulevard Blancho continues, with added emphasis on reduced speed limit zones on this multiple use street.

The riverside is being redeveloped to continue the uninterrupted pathway around the Island, between Boulevard Blancho and the CRAPA park.

Technical information

Type : Public Spaces - status : Completed