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Aimé Césaire School

New school complex

The new school project is being built in the Prairie au Duc eco-district on the western section of the Ile de Nantes. It is composed of a kindergarten, an elementary school, a day care centre and a recreation centre.

The new school will be built in two phases, to increase capacity as the neighbourhood develops (1st phase: 10 classes; 2nd phase: 14 classes).

Opening onto the southern plaza of the Warehouses, it is one of the components of the Shipyards Park and features vegetation on the roof. The school is above all a garden, and the grassy roof can be used to enhance learning activities. The buildings are built around courtyards protected from the street. The school is designed and built according to sustainable development principles and with the children’s comfort in mind.

The Prairie au Duc School development is a low energy consumption building and receives funding from the European Commission for its energy efficiency, under the Act2 Project of the Concerto Initiative.

Technical information

Type : Infrastructure - status : Completed