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Beaulieu - block C

48 apartments with a restaurant on the ground floor

A new street (rue du Général de Bollardière) will be built between the new Eric Tabarly bridge and Boulevard Alexandre Millerand, on a 2 hectare brownfield site. On either side of the new street, real estate developments will be built in a park, with new streets serving the area. These developments will complete the eastern part of the Beaulieu neighbourhood.

As the cornerstone of the new boulevard, this building designed by DLW for the SNI contains 48 rental apartments.

The two eight and nine floor buildings will be erected on a common ground floor foundation separated by a hanging garden. There will be a restaurant on the ground floor to enliven the street.

The facades, featuring metallic cladding, accentuate the play of light and provide views from the apartments.

The facades combine enhanced insulation and steel cladding to meet ambitious energy performance goals.

The Beaulieu Block C development receives funding from the European Commission for its energy efficiency, under the act2 Project of the Concerto Initiative.

Technical information

Type : Mixed use - status : Completed