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Building B

The birth of Building B is a key milestone in the regional dynamics of the wood industry. Initiated by Atlanbois, the interprofessional association of wood in Pays de la Loire, Building B will be an exhibition space for expertise and a centre shared by the regional actors of the wood industry. As a permanent forum for technical and organizational developments related to wood and its uses, it will promote exchanges and discussions among these actors.
The 1,500 sq. m. will be divided as follows:
• 540 m² of showroom and exhibition space on the ground floor
• 320 m² of offices for Atlanbois and UNIFA
• 640 m² of offices for ONF (National Forest Office)
The bold design developed by the architectural firm Barre-Lambot lays down the principles of collaborative construction. Firms in the wood industry in Pays de la Loire and students from the Academy of Wood Science and Technology, the Nantes School of Architecture and the School of Design will participate in this ambitious project. Building B will be a bioclimatic, energy efficient building designed using wood from local species of trees. The light and airy design reproduces the form of a sheet or a drop of water, with a central core from which radiates a wooden structure visible from the outside.
Building B is living proof of the professional vitality and expertise of the regional actors, and also shows the intrinsic qualities of a resource capable of accommodating the most daring architectural designs.

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Type : Economic activities - status : Completed