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Karting (creative businesses)

In view of the start of work on the Alstom warehouses, Samoa identified several vacant sites to accommodate creative and cultural businesses and social economy actors, in order to build a economic centre in connection with the Creative Arts District. By January 2012, the former Karting will host some forty firms working in the cultural and creative industries, representing about 150 jobs.

Nearby, other sites are also being developed during the transition: the Larivière site will host the Ecossolies (which includes businesses and associations from the social economy), the circus arts school (project management In Situe A&E for the association Lézards Animés), and certain hangars on the Quai des Antilles (property of the Port of Nantes Saint-Nazaire), etc.

The Karting, an eco-concept

The Karting is composed of 1,200 sq. m divided into 12 modular spaces ranging from 12 to 96 sq. m, depending on the needs of the occupants. The key goals of the project were sustainable development and controlled final prices.

In its overall design, the NOW project - which stands for New Office Workshop - is based on the idea of "minimal design", which aims to produce a highly accurate preliminary design to minimize waste and all forms of additional intervention on materials. The design team was particularly attentive to reducing the economic and ecological constraints related to transportation, and designed the modular spaces to be fully transportable on a single semi-trailer.

Likewise, the construction of the modular offices seeks to promote the local economy by taking advantage of regional actors: the local timber industry through Atlanbois (slated to join the Creative Arts District in 2013) and local forests.

Technical information

Type : Economic activities - status : Completed