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Creative Arts District

This new neighbourhood will bring together a variety of creative industries.

This new district on the former Alstom site will bring together science and technology, with 5 creative industries featured: communication, design, performing arts, architecture and visual arts.

Imagination, creation and innovation will breathe new life into this former industrial site to form a new dynamic sector in the redeveloped area.

The new site will focus on creative arts. Real estate developments combining new buildings and renovation of the former warehouses will form a centre of excellence for arts and culture.

The project consists of bringing together a variety of schools, research firms and enterprises in the arts, culture and media, similar to the concept of competitive clusters. The goal is to develop creative industries that will bring new strength to the area.

In addition to the new Architecture School, the project calls for:

  • the transfer of the School of Fine Arts,
  • the creation of public facilities dedicated to research and outreach
  • Schools and businesses involved in creative arts.

The first developments are already transforming the neighbourhood (Manny, the Lawyers’ Centre, the Graphic Arts Centre, Ile Rouge, Ehundura, Eureka).

Technical information

Type : Economic activities - status : Under construction